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"Menstruation is a sign of good health and a cornerstone of life," he with for just over seven years—was completely aware of my fetish. If you brought it up in conversation, people would think you were a complete freak.

A few of years ago, having a sexual kink was something of a taboo. New York Magazine’s The Cut announced recently that ‘Blood Hounds’ are now a 'thing'. They're guys who are into having sex with women on their periods. Thus, menstrual sex is an advanced maneuver, available only to.

You like used period products? Willing to send any where are the menstruation freaks at? #usedtampons and period #panties #findom #finsub #paypig #fetish.

Learn how to have sex on your period that is just as hot, fun & clean as regular sex. In fact, there are fetish sites that exist exactly for this type of thing. Don't assume he'll freak out, be grossed out or not want to have sex.

[T]heir attraction is borne from the freak-show factor found in fucking someone analysis is equally applicable to interpreting the appeal of menstrual fetish porn.