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Set: FATHER TUCK'S PLAY & PLEASURE SERIES ABC - TuckDB Ephemera father tucks play pleasure series

Robinson Crusoe was number 1576 in Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" Series issued in New York, c. 1900 by Raphael Tuck & Sons. 12 pp. counting covers.

Part of the publisher's Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" series. "No. 1732" on wrapper. In Fair Condition: restitched along spine in old repair; lower left corner of.

c1890-1900 TOM THUMB Raphael Tuck Father Tuck's Play & Pleasure Series No 1730. First edition.

Robinson Crusoe [Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" series.] London: Raphael Tuck & Sons, 1900. Paperback. [12] p.: 4 full-page chromolithographed illustrations;.

unpaginated, light brown full-color illustrated front & light aqua back panel, untearable linen book. Book from Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" series A.B.C. four.