Don't Punish Your Dog for Peeing in the House - dont pee on my floor


How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the House | PetHelpful dont pee on my floor

Several times now I've noticed that the floor was wet after you'd used the bathroom. I don't know for sure if this wouldn't come off as weird or frivolous in other.

triggers for this behavior and also have recommendations for correcting dogs peeing in the house. You don't have to live with ruined carpets and smelly floors.

My brother-in-law urinates all over my bathroom floor. it is perfectly appropriate to say, “Don't piss on my floor” and ask him to clean it up.

pulled down his pants and peed on the bedroom floor right in front of us. Make it clear that "All people pee in the toilet" but don't get into a struggle with your.

My six year old step son won't stop peeing on the floor in his room. Maybe you don't concentrate on that as much as on the behavior that you want him to do.