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Cut on penis: Causes, treatment, and home remedies cuts to the penis

Read on to learn more about what can cause a cut on your penis, how these causes are treated, when you should see a doctor, and how to.

The thin skin around the penis is prone to cuts and tears. Causes of a cut on the penis can include friction, scratching, and accidents. Symptoms.

Injuries to the male genital area (scrotum or penis) Cut. Minor cuts or scrapes heal quickly. Bruise. Minor bruises heal quickly. Zipper Injury. The foreskin or.

Tuesday, Carteret County deputies arrived at the Newport home of Victoria Thomas Frabutt. Her husband, James, reported that his wife had tied him up, pulled out a knife and removed his penis, according to the incident report. Frabutt, who was charged with kidnapping and malicious.

A woman has been jailed almost two years after she hacked her boyfriend's penis off during sex because he had shared their sex tapes with.