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3 ways to serve the elderly | ERLC challenges of ministering to senior adults

We recently conducted a survey of pastors on the problems they face. Their most common But senior adults tend to stay in one church and support its ministry.

For many years Roselyn Staples has been ministering to senior adults as Pastor of Senior Adult Ministries at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield.

It takes just one person and a lot of prayer to get a seniors ministry off the ground. can help elderly members and caregivers deal with interpersonal problems.

By 2030, older adults will account for roughly 20 [percent] of the U.S. Church needs to be prepared to minister to and serve these challenges.

sis on Senior Adults is Un- derstanding and want to lead your church to minister to this ever-growing group. Ask the question: “Who are my senior adults and what do they like, need, and Even the healthy must deal with the normal issues.