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Penile fracture: Symptoms, causes, and treatment broken penis repair

Reported long-term complaints after penile fracture repair include: penile deviation, painful intercourse.

Penile fracture is a medical emergency. If it happens, you need to get to a hospital as soon as possible, and you will probably need surgery.

Penile fracture is a very rare urological emergency resulting from traumatic rupture of the tunica albuginea of one or both corpora cavernosa, usually during sexual intercourse. Immediate surgical treatment is the current standard of care with lower risks of late complications.

Penile fracture. The primary goals of surgical repair are to expedite the relief of painful symptoms, to prevent erectile dysfunction, to allow.

What are the symptoms of a penile fracture and when should a If a man's urethra is also damaged, a doctor may need to repair it as well.