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Regardless, if you are going to do oil massage, the person and the sheets end up being . So, if it is safe on baby's skin than it can also be used as a massage oil. Coconut has been used in Pacific Island and Asian cultures for centuries.

So last night me and my SO decided to have some fun with sex. He was trying to go to We turned on all the lights and I rubbed him everywhere with baby oil. It was a fun My bf has such a thing for oily girls. I didn't know this until I asked him to give me a massage with coconut oil, and he got very turned on. Most recently, I .

The answer: Baby oil is made with mineral oil and fragrance by industr This isn't a scrub, it's more a gentle, localized massage. You can scrub to your heart's .

first of all, your hands will get really tired FAST if you're not used to giving a regular massage, so ignore the feet, head area since you said he.

My boyfriend constantly asks me to give him massages. As for what to do in order to give an effective (and sensual) massage, read on Vance suggests to use massage oil — not body lotion when giving a massage to your We're Still Not All Following Safe Baby Sleep Guidelines, Says a New Study.