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Spanking children linked to depression and suicide in later life, study suggests adult spanking depression

Getting spanked as a child can lead to a host of mental health problems the violence caused by spanking can lead adults to feel depressed.

It would be one thing if adults who spank children were conscious of teaching the "might makes right" lesson, but many are not aware they are conveying this.

Spanking can leave an indelible mark on a child well into adulthood, raising one’s risk for battling depression or substance abuse, a new study finds. Fifty-five percent of the study’s participants said that they were subjected to spanking as an adolescent, with men more likely.

Spanking and adult mental health impairment: The case for the designation of . Depressed affect was assessed using the following item from the Diagnostic.

Children who are spanked are more likely to suffer from depression and a link between spanking as a child and adult substance abuse, with.