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Red Tegu (Tupinambis rufescens) Care Sheet adult red tegu

The red tegu (Salvator rufescens) is a lizard native to western Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Adult females can reach 91 cm (just under 3 ft) in length.

Red Tegu. Tupinambis rufescens. Family: Teiidae; Adult Size: 2½ to 3½ feet, occasionally reaching more than 4 feet; Range: Argentina and Uruguay; Habitat: .

An enclosure of this size would be suitable for an adult tegu for its entire life, but that . The Argentine red tegu has also gained popularity due to its beautiful.

The Red Tegu, also called Argentine Red Tegu Lizard, or simply, Argentine Tegu , is a species Weight: A healthy, adult red tegu can weigh around 50 pounds.

The bulk of an adult tegu's diet should consist of rodents, small rats, and the An interesting note is the Red tegus have been known to eat a larger amount of.