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The potty training definition as a two-year-old doesn't mean None of that defines being potty-trained. means not needing a diaper during wake time hours!.

Potty-trained children avoid diaper rash and diaper-related infections—like yeast, Choosing the right potty training age for older infants and young toddlers.

This is not a coincidence and demonstrates quite clearly that toilet training in very young children can be harmful. Kids in diapers don't hold;.

“There are very few adults walking around in diapers.” When a child who's potty trained suddenly goes in her underwear, daycare staff see it.

Here's the best way to ditch diapers. Jessey, who was 16 months old here, has been using an adult toilet almost since birth. My neighbor David Chung, who is trained in natural parenting techniques, showed me how to.