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Pony play is where people are dressed up like a human horse its a form of costume role play. People involved in pony-play ("ponies") generally divide themselves to three groups cart ponies, riding and show ponies. Cosplay is in the same realm of pony play where people are ponying.

Nicole is addicted to dressing up and acting like a pony. | For more My Strange Addiction, visit.

Pony Play Tail Harness Made with Genuine Horse Hair. Mohawk headdress lace mask / Pseudo blindfold lace hood with real human hair / Fetish mask / Punk wig / Black pony play mane / Bdsm headgear. PonyPlay Show Pony Shirt | BDSM Pet Play Fetish Tshirt | Short-Sleeve Unisex Dom Sub T.

Pony Play is a niche kind of BDSM role play where one person is outfitted like a horse and the other guides them as a trainer. One woman gave.

Desus and Mero try to make sense of an equine role play event.