Terry Lined Vinyl Medium Weight Pull-On Adult Pants 20300TLV | Babykins & KINS Products - adult lined pants vinyl


AFDC Flannel Lined Adult Plastic Pants Angel Fluff Diapers adult lined pants vinyl

Our medium weight vinyl pull-on pant, lined with double terry, 100% cotton, thick and thirsty, great as a KINS Double Terry Adult Pull-On Pants Size Chart.

100% vinyl - a medium weight (6 mil), very quiet, very soft, and long lasting for a vinyl waterproof pant. Lined with 100% cotton terry cloth with Lycra® at the legs.

Select any of our vinyl materials & create your own Flannel Lined Plastic Pants. Several flannel colors to choose from. These are a special order & will take about .

For extra protection we have plastic pants with a 100 cotton Flannel Lining. Pants with Flannel linings and a vinyl plastic pants with full flannel lining at a lower.

Adult Plastic Pants - Reusable 100% Waterproof Vinyl Adult Diaper Covers for of cute fun prints, clear vinyl, rhumba style, snap pants, rubber pants, terry lined.