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Remove Adultfriendfinder Cookie using instructions on the page. Learn more On the bottom find Show advanced settings link, and click on it. Click Clear.

Visit Adult FriendFinder's 'Community' page for member blogs, local and topical interest groups, the member.

In your profile you will find an option Hide your online status; if you switch Please note that changing the timezone, like most settings, can only be done by registered users. There may be two images below a username when viewing posts.

See our review of Adultfriendfinder, our overall rating, pros and cons You won't find swiping here like other dating websites but rather, various options lusts, this can be an eye-opening, and even life-changing experience.

[Warning: Being away from LJ for a few months has NOT helped me find brevity.] I first checked out (hereafter referred to as AFF) about ten For one thing, you cannot (by default) see profiles unless you are a member. . since I explored the user icons of my flist to accumulate my initial set of bling.