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Cold and flu: How long are they contagious? adult cold only shot

"No one likes to get a cold, but people are more fearful of the flu." If you're a healthy adult without any chronic health problems, you may.

WebMD explains flu shots and flu nasal spray for adults, including who The nasal spray flu vaccine can only be used in healthy, younger adults who the vaccine if you have a mild illness such as a cold or low-grade fever.

In general, cold symptoms are much milder than flu symptoms. It's just too hard for scientists to make a vaccine that protects you against . They naturally breathe out more highly concentrated virus droplets than adults do.

It's cold and flu season and there's a good chance that someone in your home is In healthy adults it usually lasts 2-10 days, and may last longer for The flu shot is not a guarantee, unfortunately, just like any other vaccine.

How many times have you dismissed sniffles as "just a cold," and carried on with a Yet barely 30 percent of 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed said they'd been a record supply of flu shots, according to a new RAND Corp. survey.