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The Toronto Adult ADD Support Group (TAASG) is a proactive drop-in support group organized by and for adults with ADD/ADHD. The group meets once a.

Effective Assessment and Drug-free Treatment for ADD, ADHD, LD, . ADHD clinic in Toronto, specializing in assessing, testing and treating children and adults.

We're a full-service clinic that offers integrated treatments for ADD/ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, Learning Disabilities, & associated issues. We're specialists.

to assess and treat focusing challenges in children, adolescents and adults. Add ADHD into the picture and the "ups and downs" of your life may have you.

The case against adult ADHD goes something like this: Attention deficit (ADD is a misnomer used to describe people who are inattentive but don't have At Toronto's Springboard clinic, for example, a full assessment costs.